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If you hate your job, then you gotta quit
 if you hate your city you gotta split
 It´s not so hard to cut those ties and cut away
 just know: your friends, yeah, your friends are always there behind you
 Where ever you go, they´ll never let go, they'll  always be there 
like you where always there, so thank you, thank you for giving me hope 
and making me go headstrong, heartstrong, and all out
 And sometimes it´s like blake said when he wrote, "Did that no one everlive a life this hard?" 
´Cause it gets hard, and it gets fucking bleak 
and sometimes you´ve gotta go it alone 
but see it through, brave the storm and you´ll see that, come dawn 
your friends are all behind you, your friends are all.

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  1. Awesome, I agreee. well put.

  2. hehe, this makes me want to quit my job and rage against the machine!!!!!

  3. guoyixia says:

    Yea man! Screw society!

  4. A bit of good advice there.

  5. Spike says:

    that is amazing, thanks for the share

  6. Big Poppa says:

    society is so fucked its beyond recognition

  7. Kamchatka says:

    True friends are the best. They always have your back and are willing to fight for your side. I'm not really liking the current city that I'm in and I am definitely thinking of traveling.

    I'll be following your blog.

  8. Justin says:

    I'm looking forward to the next one :) I come back and read these every time I log on.

  9. synoptixs says:

    great lyrics, i feel ya man

  10. can't get over this post. its awesome.

  11. It's so inspirational!

  12. Fight the power, brother.

  13. WizWayne says:

    Brotha keep it going

  14. Coco says:

    nice picture broh!!.. follow me!

  15. Questions says:

    Not sure if I could leave my job even if I hated it. Love that money.

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