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ruin me

Spill on me your nostalgia
And cataracts...
That fell
Behind self-concious eyes.
Oh God. Hurt so fucking good
 i just want you to fucking wreck me
 i want you to wreck me.
Please just give me back my heart
Well it's been too long
And I will burn no more
Tired of all these lies
And elsewhere eyes of yours
So I will scream
And dream of what's to come
Ruin me.

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  1. D22 Zone says:

    Thanks for the update! Followed!

  2. ZIane says:

    Wow, I can even feel your pain

  3. Wow, it's very intense that set of lyrics. Raw emotion.

  4. That have inflamed desire in my breast. Following!

  5. Astaroth says:

    very nice poem! keep em coming, I love all creative use of language.

  6. pv says:

    wow man that was a great poem, really has a meaning to it

  7. can dig it

    dope blog


  8. Anonymous says:

    these are awesome. +followed

  9. Heather says:

    Do you just pick photos that you think go well with the lyrics? If so you're really good at it, especially with matching the mood.

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