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But two weeks home cripple me
because the trees don't pass
and the lines don't move
as the white walls collapse
on my ramblin' boy blues that's howlin'
howlin' for that open road because
no arms can hold
no home can warm
like the gaze of the rays of a distant lost-highway sun.

When there's a million more miles to roam,
I think of the life left for me back home:
A "paradise" to watch their "greener grass" grow,
and all the time to feel alone.

pave paradise
put the keys in
turn the engine
let the big green van drive me from this city
to anything but simplicity

To anywhere from this city,
To anything but simplicity.

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  1. next time do EVERYTIME I DIE - THE NEW BLACK, that songs a killer, or "tihuana - tropa de elite" REAL MANS SONG

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice song, realy awesome lyrics, cheers mate!

  3. Good to see some new posts here :)

  4. FatBulaj says:

    yeah great song :) follow :)

  5. Publius says:

    I feel that. Can't wait to get out of this city and explore something new. Great lyrics, as usual.

  6. To Tipota says:

    What an amazing band.. too bad they are on hiatus.

  7. MrJoseph says:

    Good song, I'm glad you posted it.

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