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Today's mantra is gratitude

The days are full of storybook romance
the myriad of thoughtful acts 
A million ways I'm into you
I'm never getting over you
I'm sorry for exposing you 
I know you hate it when I do
But I had to write one for my better half

The days are new, the nights unwind 
You break my world, you change my mind 
Run out of love, come down from life
Run out of pain, my life has changed

It's obvious it's all been said in cheesy poems and chick flicks 
The mushy shit that people say, it makes us chuckle everyday 
So how can I express to you the recent dramas we've been through 
I wouldn't have been fine without your help

The days are new, the nights unwind 
You touch my world, you change my life 
Run out of love, run out of life 
Come down from hate, the world has changed

But we may never have met if it weren't for him 
Hey Derrick, maybe somehow you're listening

Today's mantra is gratitude 
You changed my life
I'm sure you knew 
I'll never forget the words that you said
The life that you lead 
I'll never forget, I'll never forget

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  1. motsu35 says:

    idk why but that "You touch my world, you change my life" line is just playing over and over in my head.

  2. So nice,
    thanks for sharing

  3. Run out of love! Run out of Life! You said it all my good friend!

  4. Have a Wonderful New Year, Mr. Everything!

  5. those are some great lyrics right there

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